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My name is Marie-Josee Noel. I was born  in Montreal, Quebec. I received formal Art training in Montreal at the Arts Appliques and Fine Arts. I am also a registered Architect with the OAA (Ontario Association Architect).
My career and my works of Art complement each other.  
Group exhibitions as a member of the “Liste des Createurs of Quebec, and Groupe Des Moins de 35, Montreal, Quebec
MTCC Metro Toronto Convention Center (March; 17-20, 2005)
Three Galleries, 889 Yonge Street, Toronto, Canada.

Being an Artist is a real breath of life. As an eternal Observer of  Society and Nature, I challenge myself and my imagination to capture the living quality of a moment, of a thought, of  an atmosphere.

By rendering the Invisible to the Visible, is a unique and magic sentiment that I can share with the viewer. Although my Art, is based on recognizable objects, their
inter-relations create a new world and are intent to suggest an emotional experience and an extrapolation within each individual inner world.

Drawing is a strong foundation in my Art. As I began to crawl before walking and even running when necessary, to draw was the same essence as a personal evolution.

Those vectors, part of my architectural experience and artistic expression, found their own personalities, and when related to different medium such as oil paint, I converted those lines in brushstrokes, wrapped with colors, shapes and light.

My recent works' inspiration is a metaphor of natural forms and human anatomy, who interpret the artistic and scientific world with revealing some characteristic information.

By a man-made vision of my own interior world, I wish to encapsulate in time some other individual imaginary.



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